Joseph Cao for Judge
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    Joseph Cao for Judge

    4th Circuit At-Large Court of Appeal

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    Elect Joseph Cao

    for Judge

    4th Circuit At-Large Court of Appeal

Cao for Judge

Meet Joseph Cao

Served as Former U.S. Congressman of Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District

Fulfilled his duties with high integrity and dedication and was always responsive to the constituents of his district during his congressional term

Immigrated from Vietnam as an orphaned refugee

Enjoys a distinguished career as an attorney in which he leverages his legal training to represent underserved communities in civil, criminal, and immigration cases

Joseph Cao


November 8

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Endorsed by Senior Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy


 by Senior
Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy

Cao For Judge

United States Congressman


About a

in the

Joseph will bring fairness, uphold the law, and use judicial temperament as Judge.

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Judicial Prudence

Following the Rule of Law

by adhering to the language of the law as enacted by legislative bodies, agreed to by parties, or rule upon in precedent.

Delivering Justice for All

by acting with dignity and professionalism, treating everyone who comes before the Court with respect, ruling on cases promptly, and promoting equal justice under the law.